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      Millison Presided Ford Q1 flag handing over ceremonyFord Q1 Awarding Ceremony in Millison

      A harvest of gongs and drums struck up! In the coming harvest golden autumn season, Aug. 18th, Millison solemnly presided Ford Q1 handing over ceremony in Chongqing Dajiang Milison Die Casting Co., Ltd. Chen Lei The the STA director Chen Lei of Ford, Zhu Mingyong Banan district Commission of Economy and Information Technology manager Zhu Mingyong, Yu Yajun Chief executive Yu Yajun of Millison, and about 600 representatives of suppliers, employees have attended the ceremony. Ma Minghai who is the executive deputy general manager of Millison presided the ceremony.

    Q1 is Ford’s system requirements on global suppliers and setting excellent quality models to global automotive parts manufactures. Over a period of three years, Millison employees joint efforts and tried best to overcome difficulties, which paid their lots of efforts and sweat to access Changan Ford’s Q1. Millison did a lot of improvements in the aspect of management, the technological improvement, utilization of tools, product delivery and so on, because of that, Millison finally accessed Ford’s Q1. It means Millison access into Ford’s global excellent supplier team and represents Ford’s brand image.

    The ceremony kicked off in a cheerful sound of gongs and drums kicked off. At the beginning, chief executive Yu Yajun made a speech of welcome on behalf of company. He said Ford was Millison’s core strategic partner, and Q1 not only represented Ford’s strict management and performance standards on suppliers, but also the top honor which Fords given to suppliers in the field of quality. Therefore, to get the certificate of Ford’s Q1 has great strategic significance to Millison. On the one hand, it could deepen cooperative relationships globally between each other. On the other hand, it could help Millison to further improve the management level and product quality to enhance brands. Mr. Yu hoped Millison could take the opportunity to strengthen strategic cooperation with Ford, to form a long-term partner relationship with mutual trust and mutual benefit. Mr. Yu also said to employees that all of them need to have initial attitude and guard against arrogance and rashness to set a high standard and strict requirement for Q1 works, and help company to stride forward to Q1 suppliers’ sliver class or even gold class in 2018.

    On behalf of Banan district Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Zhu expressed his warm congratulation to Millison have hadon this honor, in the meantime, he also expected Millison could take Ford’s Q1 as an opportunity, ramming foundation, exploration and innovation, to enhance overall levels of enterprise’s management and endeavor to put outline program “Made in China 2025”into practice, to achieve the transition from “made in China” to “created by China”.

    Mr. Chen, representing Ford, went up onto the platform with warm applause and expressed their warm congratulations to Millison. Mr. Chen said that obtained obtaining Q1 meant supplier had become the leader in the field, but that was just the beginning, it only shown Millison had taken the first step towards perfect quality and delivery. The requirement of quality is endless, and Millison has to improve themselves continuously to become the best one. He hopes that all of the Millison’s employees could perform quality police “excellent quality, delivery on time, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence” and deliver more satisfied products to customers. He expected Millison and Ford could deepen and expand co-operation, and create outstanding achievements in a fiercely competitive industry.

    The ceremony was started with passionate music. Mr. Chen presented Mr. Yu with Q1 flag. Mr. Yu took the flag with wind waving, bringing cheers and enthusiastic applause. The flagman took the flag from Mr. Yu and led the team members solemnly swear “Millison employees will always remember the spirit and requirements of Q1, endless of improvements; following principals and establishing standards, taking great care of quality; paying attention to implementations and pursuing effectiveness, thoroughly tempered to casting superior products. Led Q1 flag fluttering forever.”

    Standard bearer phalanx team is a beautiful scene of the ceremony. All of the flagmen and team members who are the backbones and elites came from different departments of company. The per capita height of them is 175cm or more. Notwithstanding the heat of the sun, all of the flagmen are full of energy and high-spirited, they were not afraid of the hot weather and shown showed energy of Millison’s employees.

    Accompany with passionate melody, after youthful Standard-bearers were marching marched in sonorous and forceful paces toward the flag-raising platform forward, Q1 flag risingwas raised, and flyinged in the deep blue sky in Millison. AfterFollowing the flag-raising ceremony, leaders opened the champagne with flavor and celebrated the success of Q1 ceremony. At this point, the bright fireworks and shocking firecrackers expressed Millison’s employees’ happiness of harvest and joy of hope.

    The joy of dragon and lion danced up, which pushing the whole activity to an exciting climax. With the help of dragon and lion’s couplet—“Go further and Create future”, which means Ford and Millison will establish a more closer strategic cooperative partner relationship and let Millison’s products forever carry Ford’s high quality image.

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